Project Description

Organiser/promoter and resident DJ.
Ran from approximately 2001 to 2007, starting in Adelaide and then moving to Melbourne in 2002.

Events include:
09.02.2001 Black Lung (in Adelaide)
08.06.2003 Black Lung, Cambion and Defused Fusion
26.07.2003 Cybernoize DJ’s
25.10.2003 Cybernoize DJ’s
16.07.2004 Cybernoize DJ’s
03.09.2004 Iszoloscope, Black Lung and Defused fusion plus DJ tixEoN (AKA binary distortion) [Part Organisers]
24.09.2004 Cybernoize DJ’s
22.10.2004 Digitalis Effect and Cybernoize DJ’s
10.12.2004 Cybernoize DJ’s
10.12.2005 Distorted Festival with Scorn, Converter, Mono No Aware, Enduser, Architect, Black Lung, Cambion, EPA, Killjoy, Xian, Maladroit, Defused Fusion, Noistruct, Mechanised Convulsions, Nonplus, Vespine, The Mutagen Server, Null Hypothesis, Delta of Venus
17.03.2007 Lenny Dee, Mark N, Cambion
05.05.2007 Killjoy, Dysphemic, Sado
23.11.2007 The DJ Producer, Paul Blackout, Mark N, Dysphemic, Sidewinder, Semtex, Shellshock