Project Description

Vinyl set.

Track list as follows (not necessarily in this order):

Eight Frozen Modules – The absent menace
Cardopusher – Hard to stop
Sickboy – The riddler
Mr Kill – Brukout
Rotator – Make it ruff
Drop the lime – Step it up
Paul Blackout – The number
Liquid Blasted – Liquid blasted
Droon – Fuck the underground
Enduser – Mashed up and beatdown (Xanopticon remix)
Hedonist – Lardcore
Epsilon – Simon says winter
Paul Blackout – Its a threat
I:Gor – Neuroseptic
Tripped – Nightclub
The Teknoist – 5 Point palm exploding heart
Zombie Flesheater – Dead by dread
DJ Hidden – Past the flesh
Matt Green – Final Straw
Wisp – Dead streets

Youtube playlist

The facebook event is set to private. Times changed on the night, I played at 5:15am.